List of some sports that a pregnant woman can do

Even though a woman is pregnant, her pregnancy cannot prevent her from practising sport. In fact, sports are highly recommended for pregnant women. However, certain methods must be adopted in order to do the physical exercises specific to a pregnant woman. For this reason, certain sports are recommended for pregnant women. These are sports that cannot harm the health of the baby or the mother.

The benefits of sport for a pregnant woman

Generally, when a woman becomes pregnant, she undergoes certain changes in her body. For example, her ability to breathe increases, as does her heart rate. Also, her blood pressure decreases and the bloodstream is opened up to promote blood flow. All these changes allow the mother-to-be to take part in sports activities.
Sport allows the pregnant woman to lose weight, to fight insomnia, to fight constipation, to fight bladder weakness, and especially to fight back discomfort. However, intense physical exercise should be avoided.

Sports disciplines that are allowed for a pregnant woman

There are four sports disciplines that are allowed for a pregnant woman. These are the gentle disciplines, less stressful, light, and which allow you to relax, to breathe well. The sports allowed for pregnant women are
- Walking: it allows you to get your blood circulation going, especially in the legs. This is a sport that any pregnant woman can do;
- Swimming: this sport increases respiratory capacity. Swimming: this sport increases breathing capacity, but it also relieves back and joint pain;
- Aqua gym: this is a sport that is practiced to a musical rhythm. It is necessary to combine sequences. This sport has a massaging effect;
- Yoga: This sport helps to prepare for the baby's discharge. It helps to avoid stress. It also gives balance and comfort.
Sport is good for the health of the baby and the mother.

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