What do you know about baseball?

Nowadays, there are several sports that are not played enough in the world. These include table tennis, ice hockey, baseball and many others. However, in some countries, sports that are not known to everyone are very well developed. Take baseball, for example, which is a major sport in the USA. Moreover, it is this sport discipline that we want to talk about in this article.

What you need to know about the game of baseball

First of all, baseball is a sport that is played on a grass or simply dirt covered field. This space to play baseball is in the shape of a diamond. In fact, it looks like the area that is supposed to receive the ball.
To play baseball, you need a baseball bat, a ball made of hard leather, helmets made with a mesh, chest protectors and gloves. Then you need to form two teams of (09) players each. During the match, when it comes to playing attack, all nine players move. It is the same way when it comes to defending. This is to tell you that baseball is a game of offense and defense.

Home run scoring and the most important positions in baseball

To score home run (run) in baseball, you have to send the ball back with the bat into the opponent's zone. If you manage to reach the home base before the opponent's side catches the ball, you win. It is very important to be quick when it comes to getting the ball into the opponent's zone.
There are three main positions in baseball. First, there is the pitcher, who ensures that the ball gets to an area where the batter cannot hit it. Second, there is the batter who is responsible for returning the ball to his zone. Finally, there is the catcher who covers the batter in case the latter fails to hit the ball.