Top 3 most practiced sports in the world

In the field of sport, we have several disciplines. It is a very wide and rich field. It is a bit complicated to choose a sport discipline, because some disciplines are popular and others are not. So the question that often arises is to know which disciplines are much more practiced in the world. Read this short list that shows you the top three most practiced in the world.

No. 1: Football

''The king's sport'' we say when it comes to talking about football. It is no coincidence that it is at the top of the list of the most popular sports. Indeed, football has almost four (4) billion fans in the world. Football is the most watched sport in the world. Every year, the sport obtains about 2,000,000 licences.
Football has conquered the world and has become the most played sport in the world. The sport that originated in Britain in the 19th century has become everyone's sport.

No. 2: Cricket

It's surprising to see this discipline occupy the second place in this top 3 most played sports in the world. In fact, this discipline has about 3 billion fans worldwide. In countries like India, UK, Pakistan, it is cricket that dominates the other sports.
This sport is just a surprise in this ranking. It is of British origin.

No. 3: Field hockey

If we want to talk about the oldest sports disciplines, we can mention hockey. First of all, hockey is a team sport. Even though it was played in the year 2000 BC, the true origins of the sport are unknown. Nevertheless, this does not prevent it from taking third place. The sport is very popular in the Chinese capital, in Latin America... Field hockey is an exciting sport.