What are the different stages of a yoga session?

Yoga is a sport that allows you to relax. During a yoga session, there are two supernatural actions that take place. The first is the relationship between the body and the mind; the second action is the relationship between the practitioner of this sport and the invisible soul (God). Yoga is not just a sport. It is a therapy to get rid of many bad habits.

The virtues of yoga

When we practice yoga, it is to be healthy. It is a sport that has effects on the whole body to act on the well-being of the one who practices it. So, speaking of the benefits of yoga, there are many. Here are some of them:
- It improves breathing capacity and acts against respiratory disorders;
- It helps to overcome stress and anxiety:
- It improves the flow of blood through the body;
- It fights against diabetes;
- It treats musculoskeletal disorders...
To sum up, yoga allows you to relax and feel free from any worries that could affect your health.

The different steps to follow to properly conduct a yoga session

To practice yoga, there are five steps to follow.
1- Relaxation: this is the first step during which you need to relax and prepare yourself to follow the other steps. This is a time to clear your mind.
2- Physical activities: after relaxing, you must now observe the heart rate at which you go through physical exercises. It is during these exercises that you control your breathing and your concentration.
3- Preparation for the postures: this is the stage during which you must warm up your body by adopting certain postures.
4- The postures themselves: this is the crucial stage of this sport. It is the sequence of exercises that you practice standing, sitting, lying down... Some people call this moment, the moment of meditation. Some people call this the moment of meditation, because you concentrate and breathe deeply.
5- Rest: to be able to integrate after having respected the different stages, you must take a good time to rest.